Career concepts are changing faster than ever. Today, most fresh graduates and working professionals want to take up courses that are edgy and unique. At the same time, the regular college courses are going for a toss for online courses. There is no denying that online courses are flexible, well balanced and often offer the same kind of exposure for most branches as regular colleges. If you have been consideration a new dimension for your career, these are some of the best courses that you can pursue online.

Masters in analytics

Managing large data sets, scraping and drawing meaningful trends and patterns from the same is a job that requires special skills. Masters of analytics imparts that knowledge and much more. People are needed in analytics in a number of different industries, and the demand continues to increase. Villanova University offers a course in analytics, while there are some other options too. If you are already into finance, this can be a worthy branch worth the time.

Masters in Health informatics

Health informatics is one of the most evolving and crucial branches, which deals with IT solutions and informatics in healthcare. For professionals, who are already in the field of healthcare, this is one of the specializations, which can prove to be immensely rewarding. Again, it is possible to complete the course online as most others on this list, but yes, you need to be sure of the course contents, which should be updated based on the current norms. Adelphi University’s health informatics masters is a known course among others.

MBA in Information Security Management

Cyber security is a serious concerns for businesses globally, and most companies are hiring experts for the same. Masters in Information Security Management is a specialized branch, which can be easily completed online, although you need to find the right university. It is possible to find degree and certification courses, which can be equally good, especially when you are a working professional in the management stream. The course contents covers everything related to security breaches, company information and customer data.

Masters in healthcare administration

If you are a doctor, physician or a healthcare professional looking to start your own business, you need a MBA degree in healthcare administration. The branch basically deals with management and administration of healthcare services and isn’t limited to professionals of the field alone. Make sure that you spend some time understanding the course well, because the contents and semester details do matter. Some known options include GW Online, but do take time to explore all aspects.

MBA in Supply chain management

Many companies need to deal with supply chains and operations, which require a specific skill ser. It is possible to complete master’s degree in supply chain management, with some institutions offering the course online. Apart from logistics, you will also be learning on project management and operational planning in detail. Check online to find the right branches.

With these wide choices, you have every reason to get more skilled and trained!

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