Are you a doctor looking to start your own healthcare business? Or are you looking to add more dimensions to your career? The healthcare industry produces thousands of jobs in varied branches annually, and most of these jobs remain untouched by economic issues and recession. Here are some of the best options in healthcare today, with special tips and advice on why you should choose one.


Nursing is one of the few careers that has never seen a downtime in history. There are a wide range of branches to choose from, making it quite a choice for students looking beyond careers as doctors and surgeons. The good thing is you can take master courses online from universities like University of Cincinatti, which ensures that you can learn while you are still working.


The services of dieticians and nutritionists are extremely important, and with the nutrition and food concerns on the rise, the demand will only increase. Dieticians are essential to modern healthcare because they largely influence treatment patterns by suggesting diet plans, by checking the health and medical history of patients. Dieticians usually need to have a graduate degree, followed by specialized studies.

Healthcare informatics

The reforms in healthcare industry is typically decided by those who work in this branch. Healthcare informatics deal with a mix of IT, healthcare, data security and data analysis along with other elements to bring notable changes in the industry and its services. This is a very special and evolving branch, and there are only a few universities like Adelphi University that offer online master courses. Make sure that you read about a course in detail before admission.

Physical therapy

Physical therapist work to offer relief from pain and mobility issues to people of all age groups. The job is very diverse, and therapists work in a number of different capacities. Typically, students need to take up a degree in PT, following which they can choose to do a masters, which is not always necessary. There are many universities that offer three-four year programs.

Healthcare administration

This is a special branch of study that deals with administration and management of healthcare services. There are dedicated universities that offer online courses, and you can expect to get jobs in admin departments in nursing homes, hospitals and clinics. Even if you are not related to the healthcare industry at the moment, this is still a choice that counts. For doctors and physicians, this can be a good way to know about managing their own clinics and business. George Washington’s masters in health administration is a good course, but you can check other options too.

Lab technology

Lab technicians work in labs and clinics for diagnostics and testing, mostly in association with doctors and surgeons. The job of a skilled technician is very important for the course of treatment, and doctors often rely on these experts for their inputs. There are a number of degree programs that you can check, while advanced courses can be studied for specialization.

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