Education systems are changing faster than ever, and more students are willing to balance their study years with the work commitments. Thanks to the internet, a number of courses and branches can be studied online now, and the choices are wide-ranging and varied.  Today, more students are also willing to explore the evolving branches of management and science, which promise much better and broader opportunities. No matter what kind of specialization you had in college, here are some of the best options after you graduate. What’s the best part? You can actually take up these master’s degrees online!

Sports Management

If you have a thing for sports and want to be involved in the industry without being a sportsman, a sports management degree might be worthy of consideration. Apart from working for giants, teams and corporates in the business, you will be also working reforming and changing technologies, which have a huge impact on the management. Typically, you will be learning many disciplines as in most management courses, but in sync with the sports world, including sales, mass media, PR, emerging tech, and general management. There are some good courses like Adelphi University’s online masters in sports management, but do check the course contents in advance.

Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit organizations have a big say in the society and they do a lot of different activities for different communities and sections. For those who want to be associated with nonprofit segment, a degree in Nonprofit Management is a worthy consideration. You will be learning about the basics of accounting, finance, and marketing for governmental and nonprofit organizations, along with nonprofit leadership. A special section of the course will also impart detailed education on fundraising and various other practices that are extremely crucial to the sector. For courses online, you can check Marylhurst University among others.

Environmental management

Large corporates and companies are answerable for their work towards the environment and planet, and most of these big names have a section in the management that deals with this. Environmental management is one of the most crucial and very pertinent branch of study, where you will learn about management policies, framing rules, understanding compliances and much more. Course also typically include different sections of the management too. If you are not keen on a master’s course, you can even choose post-graduate diplomas for your management career.

Data and Analytics

Big organizations need to scrape huge volumes of data, manage and process the same to come out with practical trends and patterns, which can be used for decision making. A master’s degree in analytics will help you do all that. Analytics is a great career choice for those looking for higher positions in management, but with different perspective. The courses can be taken online, like that of Villanova University, and since you will be learning online, you can have a lot of flexibility. Depending on your efforts, it is possible to complete the degree in less than two years. Give your career the right boost now!

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