A management program can be a great choice for fresh graduations, working professionals, budding entrepreneurs and anyone who wishes to explore the business, management and corporate world. After you have completed your graduation, a Masters of Business Administration degree can help you find a niche very easily, especially when you want to explore a branch that you are especially interested in. Over the course of years, the specializations in MBA programs have changed and evolved, and if you are keen on doing something different, here are the top choices.

MBA in Analytics

Easily among the most rewarding and toughest MBA programs at the same time, analytics is meant for those who love to deal with data. You will be learning the basics of management, but will be focused on scraping and drawing data to find more valuable information for your company. This is one course that has been designed to offer more detailed understanding of analytics, which is essential to the corporate world. Villanova University offers a degree in the same, and there are other universities too. The good thing is you can pursue the course online!

MBA in real estate

The world of real estate has been evolving since a long time, and it is possible to take a dedicated program in the same. Apart from the regular management basics, you will learn about real things about the industry, including property appraisals, managing sales of residential properties, management of real estate properties and even commercial deals and transactions. No matter whether you want to be an entrepreneur or a real estate broker, this is a great course to start your career. There is an online program with Marylhurst University, but do make sure to ask questions before enrolling.

MBA in international business

Technically, international business isn’t a new specialization and has been around for some time now. However, with the changing patterns of the business world, this program is much more relevant now, especially when companies are dealing with clients and patrons all over the world. This is also one of the courses that can be studied online, and you will be learning all the new things related to managing global businesses and patterns of management in varied parts of the world.

MBA in sports management

If you have a keen interest in sports, MBA in sports management is meant just for you! This is a highly specialized degree, which will teach you plenty of things, including finance, marketing, sales and other traditional MBA basics, but with a focus on the sports industry. In a time when companies, clubs, universities and even schools are hiring people for managing their sports department, this can be an ultimate choice. Adelphi University’s online sports management degree is a known one, but you can check others too.

Some of the other branches that deserve a mention include non-profit management, strategic management, environment management and healthcare management. Check your options before you choose, and make sure the university offers a worthy and genuine program.

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