Healthcare is one of the few industries that doesn’t face the wrath of recession and economy slowdown. Now wonder, this is also a great choice for a rewarding career. The professions in healthcare industry can be varied. Even if you haven’t studied medicine or don’t have the training of a nurse, there are many options to find a foothold. Here are the most unique profiles/branches in healthcare that are worth studying

Healthcare management

Every big hospital, clinic and nursing home needs to be managed in the right way. A degree in healthcare administration and management helps you in finding managerial positions in different institution offering health and related services. This is also a great choice for doctors and professionals in the medical line, who want to start their own business. The course basically imparts the best of management skills and business in sync with healthcare. There are many institutions that offer the course online, including George Washington’s mba in health care administration, but make a choice after looking at course modules.

Health informatics

This is an advanced and evolving branch, which combines multiple disciplines, including IT, informatics, management and healthcare data to bring reforms for better changes and management of the industry. There can be a number of different sub specialties, including pathology informatics and clinical informatics. It is possible to complete the course online, depending on the level of study. Certifications may be available, but if are keen at exploring more advanced options, a master’s degree is the best choice. Adelphi University’s Master of Science in health informatics is a known course, and you can check other options too.


Large healthcare and research centers have to deal with huge volumes of data every single day, and as such, the need for analytics is evident. While data management and analysis can be studied as a part of health informatics, but general data analysis is a different field altogether. After completing a master’s of science degree in analytics, you can expect to work on mining, scraping, and understanding data to find more significant information, which can, in turn, help a number of departments. Villanova University does offer a MS in analytics, and you can find some other choices too.

Dental Hygienist

If want a career in allied medicine branches, dental hygienist can be a great profile. Typically, a dental hygienist works with patients for cleaning, preventative measures for better dental care and educating on dental hygiene and teeth care. You would need to have an Associate’s Degree and a license for practicing, especially if you are working in the United States, and you can choose to expand your career options later.

Some of the options other than the above include nursing (midwife and anesthetist), bio medical engineering and radiation therapy. Before you take up a branch, make sure that you are well versed with the prospects of the career. Also, it is essential to evaluate the courses rightly and choose between regular and online learning, depending on flexibility you desire.

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