Sports’ marketing is a booming concept among marketers as sports provide easy platform for advertising and promotions. How to make use of sports to promote products and services is the job profile of a sports marketer. It can either be the promotion of a sports event or the promotion of a physical product or service through sports, both ways the scope of sports marketing can be appreciated.
So, speaking of the present times, here are some of the sports marketing tools that marketers are using to their benefit:

1. Social media marketing: The power of social media can be identified by the fact that athletes and other sportspersons have millions of followers. Marketers now know how to promote brands through names that are able to influence a population of astronomical size through social media and they are ready to pay hefty sum to such influential personalities just to grab the maximum attention of their target users.
Villanova University offers courses that guide students on social media usage in sports marketing.

2.Documentary making: This is one of the creative ways of practicing sports management. Sportsperson’s life or a series of events can be compiled into a short film and use it as platform to promote products or services. There are courses like Adelphi University’s online sports management degree available that are teaching the art of making audio-visuals of sports events for marketing activities.

3. Strategic partnerships: No big battle can be won alone, this principle works behind strategic partnerships as tool of sports marketing. USAA got into partnerships with NFL and made use of sports in marketing and also in establishing an emotional connect between the sports and military bases.

4. Organizing live events: The events can be a festival of connections and partnerships if one observes closely and uses these as platform for exchange of services. Thus, working other way round, that is, organizing events keeping audience in mind is the new rage among sports marketers. Now, Sports come to the audience, the latter need not move towards sports. This movement towards audience requires expertise that one can gain by joining Marylhurst University courses where special attention is given to sports management programs.

5. Charity games and marathons: ‘Run for a cause’ or ‘play for a cause’ brings sports and marketing together. The presence of influential icons like sports and film personalities comes as an icing on cake to these events. Sports marketers see these charity events as an effective way of reaching to the target consumers with single event.

The field of sports marketing is as exciting as the world of games and sports is. This field requires people with exceptional talent of sensing the nerves of the audience and playing cards well on time and at correct place. All such thinking abilities can be improved with the help of online sports management programs that are run by US universities. Enquire about these courses and be the master of the game that you need to play as a sports marketer.

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