Gone are times when simple graduation degree would have landed you in a great job. Today, the changing graph of education demands constant learning, and you need to upgrade your skills and knowledge periodically. After your basic degree, you need to take up a specialization course, which would offer cushioning to career and add to your resume, and for that, management is the right choice. Thankfully, there are quite a range of varied choices, and you can think beyond finance, marketing and regular MBA. Here are the best new picks for Masters of Business Administration.

MBA in Analytics

Data management and understanding patterns is a big essential for large corporates and businesses. Apart from scraping, sorting and managing data, analytic teams also work for understanding patterns, trends and different segments of information for better decision making and changes. With an MBA in analytics, you can choose a career in this field, which can be hugely rewarding. The course contents typically include a few essential management branches like finance and marketing, but the focus is on analytic management and data. The course can be complete online with universities like Villanova University, and you can choose flexible learning times, based on your schedule.

MBA in sports management

If you were always interested in sports, there is no better choice than sports management for the master’s degree. Apart from learning the core management segments like sales, marketing, basics of finance and accounting, you will also learn about emergent technologies and other aspects that will help in managing sport teams, companies and allied branches. The job opportunities will continue to grow in this field, and given this is a new and evolving branch of management, the demand for expertise and dedicated candidates is huge. You can check Adelphi University’s best sports management schools, among others.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

For those who are interested in starting their own business or startup should consider Entrepreneurship as their specialization. If you intend to study online, it might be hard to find entrepreneurship with many colleges and universities, but here’s a trick – go for General Management! Yes, some universities offer general management degrees, which are way easier to afford and will offer the same kind of training for most branches and segments of management. You can check Marylhurst University among others, but yes, when the focus is on entrepreneurship, you should take time to understand the course contents.

MBA in Media Management

Most businesses are concerned about their image in the media, and hence, companies are spending huge in hiring top students for media management. You can choose to get a specialized MBA degree in the same, which can be completed online. The course generally offers the traditional MBA experience, with focus on marketing, communication and finance, but also offers detailed understanding of current media trends, channels, and social media. For working professionals, this is a great choice to diversify their current management branch.

Before you take up a specialized MBA branch, take your time to understand the best option by finding data about job opportunities.

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