Flunk the economic concerns and recession woes, because the healthcare industry probably has the least impact. No matter what happens around the world, people would continue to need medical and health services. In terms of careers too, this is a rewarding industry, especially when you love to contribute to healthcare and want to grow professionally by caring for people. Below are the top seven healthcare careers worth a thought, especially when you want to grow and expand!

  1. Home health aides and caregivers

There are many patients who need healthcare and assistance at home, and home health aides offer just that. From elderly to disabled, this is one service that continues to be in demand. You can take a certification or degree, depending on what you choose.

  1. Health informatics

This is a new and evolving branch that deals with data, IT, healthcare and many other branches in one, to improve the quality of healthcare services. There are some universities like Adelphi University that offer a master’s degree in the same, but make sure that you read about course contents.

  1. Medical assistants

Medical assistants do a number of jobs, like complete admin tasks and taking care of small clinical tasks. Their jobs are as important as doctors, and the growth in careers can be satisfying. Do note that you can update your qualifications later in the same field.

  1. Nursing

This may one of the oldest careers in the medical world, but also the most in demand. Nurses work in varied capacities, and you can check a number of different specialties, like UC’s certified nurse midwife course. There are many universities, but make sure that you have choices enough to find the right one.

  1. Dental assistants

Dental assistants work in dental clinics with dentists, often assisting in surgeries. They also work on patient care and further appointments as needed. While you may think of the salary, but do keep a note that the unemployment rate is very low.

  1. Healthcare administrator

The job of healthcare administrators is to check the overall management and functioning of different branches and the overall clinic/hospital operations. You can take a course for the same, and this is a very essential branch for doctors and physicians looking to manage their own business. There are popular courses, like George Washington’s masters in health administration, but you can also check for other options.

  1. Paramedics

We only think of EMT and paramedics in terms of emergency, because that’s their job. Paramedics offer assistance and medical care at different and often tough situations, and this is one career that’s not for the fainthearted. The demand for paramedics have been on the rise, and experts believe the job growth can be huge.

If you are thinking of adding more dimension to your existing career, it is wise to go for healthcare management and admin services. The other courses are more suited for doctors, nurses and professionals, who are already in the industry and want to explore their horizons.

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