With the developments in the medical world, the healthcare industry has changed and evolved in many ways. There is no denying that this is one of the few industries that doesn’t have to bear the economic woes like others, and it is always a rewarding experience to start your career in the industry. Back in the past, healthcare industry had limited profiles, but now the horizons have expanded in many ways. Here are the top career choices that are unexpectedly rewarding!

  • Registered nurses

Nursing has always been one of the most lucrative fields in healthcare, and despite all the new jobs created, there is still scope. Experts believe that more jobs will be created for registered nursing. It is essential that you choose the right university, because the choices and branches do matter. You can choose a specialization that you want. For example, UC’s Master of Science in nursing can be done online, and if you are already done with your graduation, you will find the course worthy enough for experience and resume alike. Popular options include family nurse practitioner and nurse-midwifery.

  • Genetic counseling

Well, this is more of an offbeat kind of career, but easily one of the best as the unemployment rates are too low. The work of a genetic counselor is to work with patients and help in understanding health conditions, which are genetic. Of course, there are few people who know about it, but experts claim that there is a lot of scope for this branch in years ahead.

  • Healthcare management

You don’t need to be a doctor or healthcare professional to start your healthcare business, but what you definitely need is some experience and training. As for doctors and physicians, a Healthcare MBA can be a good way to boost their ways of managing and dealing with the business, because their ideas do shape the industry in more ways than one. The good thing is you don’t need to go to college for getting a master’s degree in healthcare, as there are institutions like GW Online, where you can get trained and acquire your degree online. Make sure that you take time to read the semesters and contents of the course, because these degrees blend healthcare and business.

  • Health Informatics

So, what’s health informatics? Health informatics is basically a branch that deals with IT, healthcare and communications to better the quality of care offered to patients. From delivery to management and shaping of healthcare, this is one branch that can be immensely recompensing for patients and professionals alike. Adelphi’s masters in health informatics can help you in getting the right edge, but do take your time to understand why this is a career option for you as it blends many branches in one.

Of course, there are traditional jobs like that medical assistants, lab technicians and caregiving, which are have and will likely be in demand. However, if you want to explore more than what is expected, the above career choices are worth your time.

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