A simple graduation degree will not take you anywhere in the competitive world, unless you are willing to learn and explore your skill set. Working professionals and graduations are looking at more interesting choices for their careers, which includes studying many allied and evolving branches that have huge potential. Of course, the final choice depends on your preferred branch, but if you are looking for new options, the below branches can be worth considering.

Health informatics

This is a multidisciplinary field, which uses many concepts like informatics, technology, data analysis and management to better the healthcare industry. It may seem complicated, but this is an evolving field, which will have immense impact on the health reforms. The course can be a master’s degree, which can be studied online. As a student, you will be exploring many branches of science and data management, which is immensely satisfying even from the learning perspective. Adelphi University’s healthcare informatics degree is a popular one, but you can also check for other options.

Global management

The concept of global village has impacted businesses like never before, and that’s what global management is all about. You will be learning about international business, management styles and handling business operations in different countries. If you land up in the right job, it is very much possible that you will travel to varied countries for managing and maintaining business communication. There are limited colleges that offer online courses, which is great for working professionals, but if you are keen for an extensive learning process, choosing a regular college might be a good idea.

Healthcare management

No matter how worrisome the recession and related factors may be, the healthcare industry is hardly impacted. The demand for quality services continues to rise, and most health institutions are looking for professionals for better management of operations and services. Healthcare management deals with just that, and beside people looking for lucrative careers, this is also a very worthy career choice for doctors and physicians, who want to start their own business. George Washington’s healthcare mba programs are worthy enough, and you can complete the course online.


A number of industries deal with huge volume of data, and it is not just about storing and managing data, but more about scraping the information and getting useful trends, patterns and information from the same. There are some amazing institutions like Villanova University that offer MS in analytics. Once you have completed the course, you can expect to get hired in managerial positions or may even lead a branch, depending on your skills. People in analytics often deal with the most crucial data in an organization, which is why the pay is equally good.

Other courses or branches that deserve a mention include Sports management, environmental management and business economics. If you have found a choice, make sure to research well about the course content, and when the course can be done online, it is best to opt for the same as you can have flexible learning sessions.

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