An MPA degree is a post-graduate degree in Public Administrator for Public sectors. It is a similar degree program to an MBA degree program that is provided by institutions for private sectors. An MPA degree is tailor-made for public sector handling and policy-making jobs under any local or state government machinery or nongovernmental organizations.

The uniqueness of MPA program from other degrees

You might want to ask, “What is an MPA Degree”. An MPA program aims to prepare an individual’s skills and knowledge to serve as an executive-level professional in his line of work be it education, state machinery, budget, manpower or any other.  Most of the programs we have from institutions are based on private sector needs and thus we have very limited professional courses laying importance to the public domain. MPA program serves as a much-needed ladder required to climb the public sector hierarchy.

MPA and Public sector

MPA program prepares for public sector roles in handling workforce or economic decisions or education and budget sectors mainly apart from other thousands of different sectors that require its graduates. The management skills and policy-making ability is the emphasized focus of this program. The executive is trained on policymaking and analytical solutions to any given problem. The more an individual is gifted on the natural talent of policymaking and analytics, the more he is expected to climb the public hierarchy. The MPA program is a very prestigious program in education as any bad policy-making body can set the whole state or governmental actions in turmoil and losses bringing much suffering to a large section of masses.

Core Focus of MPA curriculum

MPA programs focus on the systematic execution of policies and strengthening the policy-making ability of any public domain. The systematic analysis and following the research-based guidelines and pointers are an integral part of this program. This program helps in building an independent thought process of an individual. The various stages of a problem and its best solutions are researched in detail to make an individual capable and confident enough to handle the task at hand successfully. The MPA degree also helps in building the professional character of an individual. Corporate and social responsibilities are also imbibed in his character. The various projects and tests of the program are developed keeping in mind the live scenarios of the real job environment. The management and analytical skills and public knowledge are the main core focuses that are emphasized in this course. The roles of policymaking, analyzing, discerning principles, and investigations are highlighted in this program.

The changing trend in the MPA curriculum

In recent times, there has been broadening of the MPA program to include more interdisciplinary subjects such as finance, microeconomics, planning, Policy management, and analysis, etc. There are areas of focus too for an MPA some of which include economic development, education, budgeting, healthcare, urban development, environmental protection and so on. In recent courses, we have seen an overlapping of an MPA program with an MPP program which is a Masters Degree in public policy. It is very consistent for the overlapping as both of these disciplines do have many common areas, subjects, and focus. More specifically an MPP is more focused on Policy management whereas an MPA program is a public management discipline. Nowadays most MPA programs include many management subjects in its curriculum apart from policy-focused curriculum making it more as an MBA program, but an MBA program may altogether lack the policy and analysis approach focus curriculum. Moreover, the MBA is suitable for Private sectors whereas MPA is a public sector that inspired the curriculum.

Career opportunities with MPA

The MPA degree provides excellent career opportunities both in governmental and non-governmental sectors. The public focused curriculum of MPA is ideally suited for governmental agencies, undertakings and affiliates and some nongovernmental organizations and nonprofit agencies too. Since the public sector running is much different from a private sector, the bulk of the opportunities for an MPA lies within a state or national machinery. But it is also true that now even private sectors are increasingly hiring MPA graduates for their services and knowledge of public service undertaking. Some of the sectors which provide opportunities for MPA graduates include news reporting, NGOs, state government, local civic bodies, national govt. agencies and institutions, the education sector, healthcare, financial banks, corporate and others.

A different career with MPA

The MPA program is fulfilling career paths that not only takes care of financial needs but include lots of perks and benefits for the individual. If one lands a position with state govt. in a senior position of director or officer, only can easily associate with high society people and can be part of a lavish society with car and housing provided by the govt. If he is part of some spy or police department, he can expect the respect and services of his subordinates. If he’s part of some high-end researching team he can expect foreign travels and stay as perks and benefits of the job, expenses are taken care of by his employer.  In other words, this is a high-end paying job for the right candidate and apart from financial perks and benefits. One can also be easily contained by the nature of the job, which is mainly to serve your city or country and be part of this machinery.

MPA is the right decision

So if you have it in you to serve your nation and make a difference with your career, MPA is the choice you can start with and see yourself grow to a career that has been close to your heart. With new avenues opening for the right experience and changing population demography, MPA is sure to stand in good stead in many years to come. You have now a good reason to make your choices based on your capabilities and talents and enjoy your line of work for the rest of your life. There may be similar choices and programs at par with your expectations, but some major points have to explore when you invest your precious time and effort. Unless you love your job and your profession, chances are you will not be successful in it, even if it pays you an astronomical amount of salary. Make your choices correctly keeping your future in focus.

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