The education system is changing faster than ever, and most of the conventional career choice we knew are going for a toss. With the economic woes and recession concerns looming large over a number of industries, it is a good time to shift focus on the budding career branches, which promise so much more. In this special post, we would be talking about the most happening courses and specializations that can promise huge for your career.

Health informatics

This is an evolving branch, which blends the best of available IT solutions and management science to the healthcare informatics. The focus of the branch is to impart training that betters delivery, management and planning in healthcare using informatics. This can have a serious space in the future of the industry and is among the most lucrative careers. You can take a master’s degree, like Adelphi University’s health informatics degree, which will help in jump starting your career.

Environmental management

If you are concerned about the environment and the topics that are looming large over the planet, Environmental management is the branch for you. The branch basically deals with how economy is affecting the environment and many other aspects, including use of alternative resources of energy for modern businesses. This is also an evolving branch, which may prove to be of great use, not just for you but also for the people around. It is possible to get a master’s degree in the same.

Healthcare administration

Healthcare is one of the few industries that doesn’t seem to be burdened with the changes in the economy. No matter whatever happens around the world, people would continue to need healthcare services. When you take this branch, you will be learning the basics of management in relation to the industry, which makes it a great career choice for professionals in this industry and business enthusiasts alike. GW Online offers an online master’s degree in the branch, and you can check for other options too. For budding entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry, this one is a sure shot winning course.


As the business formats get complex, the need for people in the analytics department continues to increase. The course can span for one or two years depending on the program, but typically you need a master’s degree like MS in Analytics. You will learn to use, scrape and analyze data, so as to find patterns and trends. This can be an edgy career choice, as the pressure can be high, but it is also among the most rewarding ones, especially given that the branch is evolving faster than ever. Villanova University offers a master’s degree among others, and it is wise to see the course contents in the prospectus before making a choice.

Most of the above courses can be done online, so working professionals don’t need to find an excuse, while fresh graduations can finally bring more dimensions to their resume. Check with the right university/institute, so that you have enough flexibility for completing the particular edge!

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