There is no denying that people who work in the healthcare industry do have a lot of pressure and stress. However, apart from doctors, physicians and surgeons, there are a few careers that are equally stressful and demands undivided attention. If you are someone who likes challenges, these healthcare careers are just meant for you.


While nurses are not as qualified as doctors, they pretty much do the same level of work, and their job is crucial to the doctor and surgeons. Nurses have varied specialty branches, including women’s health nurse practitioner, midwifery and family nurse practitioner. Nurses also deal with many emergency situations as needed. The good thing is you can take up a course online, like UC’s online masters in nursing.


Paramedics are only called in times of emergencies, and they often work in the most stressful locations and situations. Some paramedics even work in helicopters, and in many cases, they are the only medical assistance for those hurt and injured. There has been a slump in employment in recent years, which makes it a lucrative choice, but certainly not for the timid and fainthearted.

Healthcare informatics

This is another career option that’s unique but also demanding in many ways. Healthcare informatics deals with IT, data analysis, health care and much more, to better and bring reforms in the industry. This is an evolving field, but the careers are as demanding as the salaries. There are also few universities, like Adelphi University, which offer a master’s degree. If you are up for something better, this is a field worth trying.

Clinical Research

If you are working as a clinical research administrator, you will be working on finding new treatments for different diseases and ailments. The process requires extreme knowledge and understanding, and at the same time, one has to work within a framework of rules and regulation. Expect no time for most things in life, especially at the peak of your career!

Health administration

It is very essential that health services work as intend and at best capacities, and health administrators work for that. The job of an administrator can be multidimensional, often catering to many problems and issues at the same. The good thing is you can take up this course even when you are not directly related to the medical world. There are many course options, like George Washington’s masters in health administration, and you can complete these courses online, which is a great advantage.

Health information technician

The healthcare industry produces millions of documents, reports and files every day, and who manages all of that? Health information technicians work mainly in that capacity with clinics, hospitals and nursing homes and help in management in many ways. Their job is challenging because it demands management, organization and basic understanding of many health related concerns that are pertinent to data records.

Hope you found a reason to choose one of these edgy yet rewarding careers. If you need assistance, don’t miss on talking to a career counselor!

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